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Eric & Pam in True Blood Season 7, Episode 6:  Karma

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They sit there like “really, silver again?”

First off, they’re faces are EXACTLY the same. Like, they are two peas in a pod. Pam is the female version of Eric. Legit, they are the same human being, split down the middle and one got a vagina and one got a dick. There is no other difference. Pam just grew her hair out but Eric used to have some seriously long locks. I don’t think Eric turned Pam. I think he cloned himself using his blood and some strands of his hair. That is what Pam is. She is Eric’s little mini me that he admired and adores so much because he’s the classic Narcissus tale.

Secondly, Pam’s leg. Like. Woah.

Thirdly, I need to know what they talked about for 7 hours while they waited for the sun to rise.

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